Thinking about starting a sport?


Need a confidence boost? Need to get your fitness back on track and would love some sporty vibes? Or is it your children you're looking to sign up? 

Our kid's classes are 4 years to 11 years.
12 plus get to go into our adult kickboxing programme sessions if they have the discipline and maturity to do so. 


Give Kickboxing to your children and you'll be setting them up with self-control, discipline, manners, respect, hard work ethics, emotion control, confidence, and plenty of fun ;).

In these sessions, everyone starts as a beginner and puts the work in overtime to become awesome. We're a friendly Academy, with no egos, so you don't need to overthink being a newbie and you certainly don't need to worry about the contact sparring. 

In these classes we work on getting the body and brain super fit, we work on belt grades over time ( Get to that black belt) and we work on kickboxing skills via pad work, bag work, and sparring. And of course, all this can be tested at competitions ( two minimum required each year)


Our classes will get you fit, healthy, strong, mentally prepared for anything, confident, and engaged in a new healthy, energized, well-being journey and due to our small group classes, you'll get loads of individual attention to get you to your goals






Juniors - 4yr - 11yr


Adults - 12yr plus


Women's Only - 12yr plus

Get Fighting Fit and Build Confidence

Don't ever think you're too old until you've tried it. At the Academy, we've had adults from 18 right up to 60 and they have managed to get through all of the hard work!


So, what are you waiting for? Let's get you fighting fit! We work with body resistance, weights, martial arts equipment, pad work, bag work, and loads of fitness equipment, all of which will get you in fighting fit shape, and we do this together as a team!

Belt Ranks

We all want to imagine that shiny black belt wrapped around us so now is your chance. Bit by bit, you'll progress through the belt ranks and start to notice how far you've come in no time.


Get tested in individual moves, combinations, fitness, sparring, and self-defense. Belts may sound like they aren't for you at first but trust us when we say, it helps a great deal with progression and they will keep you on track towards your next important goals.

Sports Psychology

It's not all about being physically talented, you need to have a strong mind too. At Paragon we're constantly reminded of how to think and focus on the task at hand, giving us a strong will to succeed.


Many suffer in this area and we have had many through the doors of Paragon that instantly feel great after a few months with us due to increased confidence, socialising, stress release, and realising that you're capable of more than you may know! 

Sparring & Competing

Sparring is a big part of what Paragon Kickboxing is all about, it's challenging but very exciting. Everyone starts as a beginner at sparring and there's a lot to learn, so walking through the door with skills like Bruce Lee isn't necessary.


As for competing, it's optional, but our Paragon Panther Fight team does love to compete, and rightly so. Competing is mega fun and it will make you a better kickboxer over time. Also, the possibility of fighting for Wales in a World Championships is one of the best experiences you will ever have! 


PKA is for all abilities, any age and any fitness level. We currently have all ages at the Academy so there really isn't a limit for when you can get started. Whether it be for fitness, a hobby or maybe you would like to become a champion, whatever your goals, kickboxing is a fantastic sport and we are proud to be able to teach you it at Paragon.





Click on the button below, and we'll get you in for a 2 week paid trial.


One last step before you join the journey my friend, the first step is always the hardest!


Feel free to email us with any questions and we'll get back to you asap.

See you soon.


Thank you,

PKA Team

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