Paragon are a professional Academy that strives for every student to reach excellence!



For us, although we love it when our team win competitions through the sport that we love, Paragon gets pumped about those other goals that you want to work towards too! - running goals, weight loss, muscle gain, mental health etc :D

We're looking for members that want a life change, members that are going to commit to their health and fitness, whether you're a beginner or more advanced, we preach hard work ethics, discipline and progression.

Are you ready for that health and fitness change? 


Our qualified trainers are not just coaches but team members just like everyone else and will be happy to tell you more about the sports activities we offer and help you find the place that's right for you.


PKA is a professional Academy that strives for every student to reach excellence as we don't believe in not striving for above average.


Paragon will help every member with the likes of discipline, confidence, improving fitness levels, kickboxing skills and excel your overall well-being.


We do this through a variety of workouts including circuits, pad work, bag work, agility, sparring, weight training and cardiovascular training, to name a few.


Head Coach Tom, works towards building every individual up to achieve what they never thought was possible.


Paragon will motivate and educate you towards black belt, elite fighting skills and high level fitness!


For some it's not just about kick ass skills, it's about being a part of an Academy that brings positive vibes to everything we do, getting involved in socialising with the team and improving mental health and we certainly have you covered. 


We have everything you need at Paragon within our full time dojo, from a fully matted area, to quality equipment for high energy classes and monster gains ;) 



Paragon are here for YOU.



Get in touch today via the book-in page

and the Paragon team will take you through the journey of getting started.


Please check out the other tabs for more info.


Thank you, Champ, we look forward to seeing you.


PKA Team


"Become a Model of Excellence"


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