"Competing is an amazing part of our martial art that will grow your levels extremely fast and this is why we love it and keep going back for more!"

If you're looking to get more engaged and to get more advanced over time within the sport of Kickboxing, competing is where it's at and you can get involved with this in our sport kickboxing programme.

Competing comes with a committment, but not one member ever regrets putting their skills to the test in order for them to progress. Beginner categories are also available so you don't need to "be ready" in order to compete, you just have to train hard and have a go :)



Since opening Paragon 8 years ago, we have slowly started to build up our fight team,




This has been a great experience for our team, having traveled to World championships in Scotland and Italy so far. Alongside these big comps, we have traveled around the UK too, progressing every step of the way :)



To get on to the fight team you first have to sign up for our sports programme to get settled in and become aware of the sport.


After 3 - 6 months of training you'll then get a date in the diary for you first competition. 



Start your fighting fun journey with the Paragon Panthers team, you won't regret any of it!




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