Founder of PKA and Head Coach - Tom Davies


"I loved martial arts from a very young age and was always a physical kind of person, enjoying playing outdoors and playing sports. At the age of 15, I was then able to enrol myself in kickboxing. I was instantly engaged in the sport and I loved it!"


- Head Coach Tom



From these earlier days, I've built upon a health and fitness career which has heavily included Paragon Kickboxing Academy, 10 plus years later, and here we are, changing people's lives through Kickboxing :).



Head Coach Toms Journey to Now:


- Half Marathon Runner / Full Marathon Runner.

- Fitness Enthusiast

- Sports Therapist

- Personal Trainer

- Nutrition Coach

- Gym / Spin / and Boxing Coach

- Black Belt Kickboxer

- Of course, Kickboxing Coach, 2nd Dan Black Belt

- Fought in Canada World Championships

- Fought in Germany World Championships

- Fought in Italy Unified World Championships twice

- Sport Karate Unified WORLD CHAMPION! 2018 - Italy

- Welsh Champion x2

- CIMAC Midlands International Champion

- WKA Scottish Champion

- WKA Europeans in Germany, 3rd place

- 2nd Place in Light Continuous in the Unified World Championships 2018 - Italy

- 2nd Place in Traditional Kumite in the Unified World Championships 2018 - Italy

- 2nd Place in Point Fighting in the ICO World Championships 2019 - Scotland

- Team Europe WORLD CHAMPION, in the ICO World Championships 2019 - Scotland
- Welsh Champion WMAGC - 2022

- WMAC British Open - 1st Place - 2023

- Points Fighter Challenge - British Champion - Gold - 2023
- ICO Light Continuous WORLD CHAMPION - 2023




And to this very day, still love every minute of health and fitness and now focus more so on our Paragon members to give them an experience they will never forget!


It’s going to be a pleasure to be able to give you some of the experiences that I once had and more so that you can take it on your adventure and unravel your extraordinary potential.





These friendly faces will be working alongside Coach Tom and taking classes together throughout the week at Paragon. These guys have a combined 12 years plus of kickboxing experience behind them, having done Level 2 qualifications, got to a high belt ranks and competed up and down the UK on the Kickboxing circuit. 


These guys know what hard work looks like and what it takes to get to the next level of kickboxing, mental health and overall fitness.

Please don't delay, make the first move and get started asap.




Thank you and I shall see you at training!


Founder and Head Coach,

Tom Davies and PKA Team.


"Become a Model of Excellence"

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