At Paragon we believe we have something going on that's very unique. Paragon was built from scratch and has been developed in to a place that many call a second home and that has changed many peoples lives. 


We don't achieve this just inside the Dojo but outside it too. 


There isn't many full time Academies in our area that bring to the table what we do. We've built a community through Paragon that spreads across through the club in a very private way and yet has also built up a reputation on the fighting circuit that puts us out there with some of the best!


Paragon brings so much to our members and we could chat all day about it. If you want to know more of the benefits of Paragon please click here 'BENEFITS TAB'




As for prices, we don't hide our prices, but we have moved them over to our education website in order for you to have a better understanding of the break downs of pricing structures that we over, we wouldn't want you leaving confused by throwing numbers below at you, without you knowing what you'll be getting in to!


In the main our classes range from around £6 per hour and are paid via 'non contract' monthly payments. We have plenty of options for everyone and discounts for larger familys. 


With a wide range of classes at our facility I'm sure you'll find something for your needs :)



So please head over to this course linked below, sign in easily enough, and take 10 minutes to read through the prices that suit you best and then how to sign up with us!



Thank you, we look forward to you / your loved one getting involved with Paragon.


- Paragon Team and Head Coach Tom



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