Paragons Fancy Stuff:


It's not always about the fancy bits and bobs for everyone but we'll cover these first. Most actually lean towards the lifestyle benefits we offer than the shiny stuff, but it goes without saying, we do have it all at Paragon. 


- Full-time private facility. No more feeling like you can't be bothered because the gym doesn't cut it for you.


- Competitions for our Paragon panther athletes including World Championships. 


- Filled Dojo with all the fitness equipment we need.


- Modern technology to get us extra gains.


- Great range of classes for all ages from 5 years and upwards.


- Positive environment.


- Loads of 121 attention as we are a small private Dojo.


- 121 Personal training if you want those extra achievements faster. 


- Fantastic value for money.


- A FREE online tutorial website for all our members including extra training, yoga videos and top tips on health and fitness.


- An awesome team that helps one another get to our goals.


- Private email lists and Facebook member groups.


- A unique members-only shopping website to get all your clothing merch.


- I'm sure there's more, but let's get into the lifestyle and life skills below. 

No ego in the Dojo.


This is one of the cardinal rules at our dojo. By leaving your pride aside you will open your mind to learning instead, you'll be surprised at how much farther it takes you and by how much you will start to appreciate those around you.

You either win, or you learn.


Winning a sparring match in the Dojo or a major tournament is a thrilling feeling, but when we are defeated, it only shows us what we need to work on. If we take the positives away from the experience we will only ever get better. This is a great attitude to have, in everyday life also. 

The journey is what gives you life experience.


The years of work that are put into learning your art are ultimately what you remember. Take each day as it comes and focus on the little goals. The grand achievements will come with time and will come with experience that you'll hold onto for life. 

In martial arts we use the brain as well as the body.


It's the calm, smart, technical fighter / member who almost always comes out on top. When we take a moment to breathe and analyze the struggle we're facing instead of going all in without a second thought, the outcome is much more likely to work out in our favour. Again, this works well outside of the Dojo too.

We learn to be humble with everyone, including our tough opponents.


Once you earn a few bruises from someone that you'd never have expected to dish out such a whoopin', you'll make sure to get to know someone before passing judgment. Respect is highly regarded at Paragon, it is looked down upon if a student was to ever disrespect a fellow opponent, teacher, or even a rival team. We look after those around us and work as a team so that we all get better together. 

Growing confidence in how you look.


Your face will be red. Your hair will be a mess. There will be snot and sweat. And you will not care one little bit. Few things teach you that your abilities are more important than your appearance than when you're at risk of being kicked in the face. At the end of the day, the feeling of overcoming what you never thought you could will always be better than looking 'hot', on the dance floor ;) 

Paragon Kickboxing Academy will seriously look after your health.


Your body will love you for eating the right food, stretching, exercising smart and taking rest days. Your body is a temple and you should treat it as such. After all, it's the only one you've got. Let Paragon look after your health, fitness and wellbeing and you'll be smiling to the Dojo every time, in no time.

Relationships Become a Lot Easier.


Sometimes, your training partner's fist will find your face when sparring and of course, you give a good right back. However, you'll tell them at the end of the sparring round,  "good fight sir" and you'll both continue on to the next fight. All of your relationships become easier when you remember that we're all in life for the same reasons. At Paragon you'll grow your maturity, independence and social skills with all those around you. 

Strong character.


Our culture likes to make people believe that being a follower is a bad thing, but there is no shame in listening to and learning from those who have more experience than you, in fact, this is how you succeed. There will always be a technique that you don't completely understand, and it's ok to let someone teach it to you alongside you and one day, you'll do the same for another. Being a good teacher is just as important as being a good student, no matter what.


Success Doesn't Come Without a Great Deal of Hardship.


Nobody comes out of life without having suffered a bunch of minor injuries. But anything worth having is also worth suffering for. You'll fail and then learn from your failures at Paragon and you'll learn not to feel silly about it. All together, crushing our fitness journeys, one week at a time. 

Actions Speak Louder than Words


We have plenty of social and bantz at the Dojo but we also learn that getting your head down and focusing gets you results. No matter what age you are coming into the Dojo, you will learn a hard work ethic. We pride ourselves on great discipline and hard work at the Dojo and everyone appreciates us for it. 


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