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Absolutely love ever single moment in the Dojo. The Sensei, Tom, knows exactly how hard to push you to get results. Originally went in to loose weight and ended up falling in love with the sport (whilst loosing weight too!!). Also an amazing group of people to train with too, always pushing and motivating one another.

- Adult Student - 

Joining Paragon has done so much for me and I've only been there for 6 months (since January 2018). I've never been a fan of the gym, actually felt intimidated and scared by it unless I was with a friend, purely because I felt like I shouldn't be there. When I found out there was the "Women's Only" classes, I signed up!!! Now, within those 6 months, I've gone I'm doing 1 hour a week to 2 hours to 4 hours a week. I get such an amazing feeling after each session!!! My confidence in myself has grown and I have so much more determination in myself to change the awful lifestyle habits I have / had. Thank you Sensei Tom and Dannii. If it weren't for you both and your amazing support, I wouldn't have got through so many barriers I've had. I'm so glad to be part of the Paragon family.

- Adult Student - 

Before joining the academy I would try loads of sports and try and find one for me. Since joining pka I have realised pka is the sport for me. I don't just learn something new every lesson but I enjoy every lesson. Kickboxing is my life now and never in a million years would I remove it. Also I would like to give a huge shout out to our coach Tom Davies who supports us all the way... Join it's worth it

- Teen Student - 

Lovin’ every second of it! Mix up of stamina, control, perseverance and fun with a great group of people! Tom is an awesome Sensai for children through to adults. 

- Adult Student - 

My son has trained for 4yrs as a kickboxer , he lost motivation but we moved him here and he is really enjoying it , confidence is back and Tom is an amazing tutor wants all at the academy to be and do their best . Can only say good positive things about here.

- Junior Parent - 

My son was very shy and wouldn't leave my side. Since joining paragon last September he has grown so much with his confidence and fitness and loves every minute of it.

- Junior Parent - 

Great way for my child to keep fit and under the guidance and disciplines of the Sensei Tom. Gain experiences in fighting and self defence.

- Junior Parent - 

Amazing teacher who really knows how to get the best out of an individual and never let's you give up if it's within your grasp. Super friendly atmosphere with a strong team spirit I would 100% recommend joining to anybody!

- Adult Student - 

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