From the age of 8 years your child can become a member of the Paragon Beginners class. Once a yellow belt OR a tad to large for this class we then have our Teens class to move into. 


At this age the kids start to learn the sport of kickboxing in a lot more detail.


Below are a few major elements that our students are taught , all of which are very exciting and energy relieving, all of which will help in your childs life skills.

Get Fighting Fit

Your child will increase their fitness dramatically while training to be a great kickboxer, practising with body weighted exercises, weights, focus pads, bags, agaility equip, technology and various other fitness equipment that the PKA supplies. 

Belt Ranks

The beginners will start to work on the official adults syllabus, focusing on precision and quality within the specified techniques, fitness elements and fighting disciplines required to work up through the belt ranks. Will you be the next Paragon black belt? 

Sports Psychology

While training with the PKA, individuals start to learn that it isn't all about how strong and tough you are but how you use the mind to get to a specific goal. Whether that be a fitness goal, belt rank or becoming the next best fighter sports psychology is a huge part of becoming a successful kickboxer. We also slow things down for children in order for them to under stand the life lessons they're learning all at the same time within their martial arts journeys.

Sparring & Competing

After some basic training students will start to learn the basic fighting skills in order to start sparring. There is lot involved within this element so we take it nice and steady to ensure the student is comfortable with having a go and has fun doing it also. At the Academy we teach point fighting and continuous fighting both consisting of different rules. 


 At Paragon we appreciate that new things can be scary at this age and we want to guide these students through the process and so they always have every ounce of help they possibly need through the Academy.


We look forward to new challenges at Paragon and believe that every indivdual can excel in some way. So no matter how shy, unconfident or unable your child may think the may be, we can turn that around as long as they put the effort in.


Please get in touch via the booking form, thank you.


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