Founder of PKA and Head Coach - Tom Davies



My kickboxing adventure started when I was 15. I always loved the thought of being able to fight correctly and being able to defend myself if ever needed.


I loved martial arts from a very young age and was always a physical kind of person, enjoying playing outdoors and playing sports. At the age of 16, I was then able to enrol myself into kickboxing. I was instantly engaged in the sport and I loved it!


From this point on, I decided that I was going to progress through the belts and look forward to competing. 


After a year of competing in local tournaments and on the circuit, I heard that the club was going to attend the World Championships in Canada. I had to be there!


My uncle got me a part-time job in food retail and I starting saving every penny for the Worlds. My beginner status meant that I was not in a position to win such an event but I knew that the experience would be invaluable. Seeing the best-of-the-best perform, gave me a huge boost and gave me an overwhelming surge of anticipation to get back onto the mats asap. 


From the Worlds, I then went on to compete alot more whilst working my way up through the belts.


I never stopped enjoying it.


To this current day iv'e achieved quite a few things over the course of my Fitness journey;


- Marathon Runner

- Fitness Enthusiast

- Sports Therapist

- Personal Trainer

- Gym / Spin / and Boxing Coach


- Welsh Champion x2

- Midlands International Champion

- Scottish Champion

- Europeans in Germany, 3rd place


- Achieved Black Belt status


- Fought in Germany World Championships

- Fought in Italy Unified World Championships twice

- Sport Karate Unified WORLD CHAMPION! 2018 - Italy


- 2nd Place in Light Continuous in the Unified World Championships 2018 - Italy

- 2nd Place in Traditional Kumite in the Unified World Championships 2018 - Italy


- 2nd Place in Point Fighting in the ICO World Championships 2019 - Scotland

- Team Europe WORLD CHAMPION , in the ICO World Championships 2019 - Scotland



And to this very day, still loving every minute competing but now focusing more so on our Paragon members to give them an experience they will never forget!


IIt’s going to be a pleasure to be able to give you some of the experiences that I once had and more, so that you can take it on your own adventure and unravel your extraordinary potential.


Please don't delay, make the first move and get started asap.




Thank you and I shall see you at training!


Founder and Head Coach,

Sensei Tom Davies.


"Become a Model of Excellence"



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