Costs range from £3.50 - £12 a class.

This dependings on age, package and length of session.


Once we have the student settled in, payments are made by standing order on a monthly basis, to which you will save pounds! On tuition.

Please see below for more detail.


The more you train the more you save!!!

*Online Training Terms Apply
Once settled in to the Academy there will be a joining fee for the above essentials
Our Family Package Discounts
Our One to One session Prices

Why standing order?


There are a few good reasons why most martial art club/academies use some form of monthly payments.


‘Our’ reasons are;


1) We currently use ‘standing orders’, not, ‘direct debits’. With a standing order you aren’t tied in and it’s easy to adjust. We find this works well for us and our members.

2) Using standing orders frees time up at the start of class, as you aren’t messing around with cash.

3) By paying monthly, your dedication and commitment will be a lot better, you won’t want to miss a class if you’ve already paid right?

4) And lastly, because you are making life easier for my brain by setting up a standing order, in return, you get to choose some great packages that will save you a lot of money in comparison to single session prices. Everyone’s a winner!


Minis 4yr-7yr

Beginners 7yr-14yr

Adults and Intermediates

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