Here`s what a few of our, over 100! clients, have said about Paragon Fitness Online.

"Through online training i have built up great confidence and a body that i can continue to work on. The first week was tough but after that i was on a roll and started to say my efforts pay off when stepping onto the weighing scales, i lost 7lbs in my first week! Thank you Tom"


"I was so happy with my results, i worked hard and the results were well worth it. Would recommend Paragon training to anyone."


"I lost stones of body fat and gained some great muscle mass with Paragon. I was so pleased with the personal training results i went back for more to help strip more off for my holiday!"


"I did a 12 week personal training programme with Paragon and i can honestly say it changed my life. Losing 4 stone all in all, from nearly 18 stone to under 14 stone."


"After completing the personal training 12 week programme i'm definitely thinking about what i eat and i'm obsessed with water now. i've also learnt that weights and 10-20 minute cardio is more effective for weight loss than spending ages in the gym on an xtrainer, all thanks to you!"


"The 12 week programme i undertook has totally enhanced my self confidence, body image and outlook on life. I am happier, healthier, fitter: it's a new me!"


"I under took an 8 week personal training programme with Paragon to become fitter and all round healthier, this turned out great. I lost 11 pound of fat and could certainly see definition coming through, thank you DFO."


"After my 8 week programme i have put a load of muscle on and lost the puppy fat i had, cheers Paragon, thanks for the programme."



Why not become one of the above and take your first step into being fit and healthy. Pick Paragons personal training to guide you, to a new you. 



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