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An online personal trainer (myself) that develops a programme for you that you can follow at home, outdoors or at the gym. What ever your goal may be, an online trainer at a fraction of one to one PT prices can be very convenient.


My name is Tom Davies and I am a Personal Trainer and Kickboxing Instructor in Pontypridd. If you're looking for someone to encourage you and help you achieve your personal goals, look no further. I have been working as a personal trainer and kickboxing instructor for several years and focus on meeting the particular needs of my clients. Please read on......


Paragon Online Training Programmes

Get expert guidance and information throughout your fitness journey with Paragon Fitness Online

Kickboxing programmes

My speciality! Get fighting fit with a whole bunch of kickboxing workouts. Developed for any level and ideal for those wishing to work out at home or on the punch pags at your gym. 

Workout from Home Programmes

No matter what level of ability you are we will build a plan that targets your chosen goals so that you can achieve them in the comfort of your own home. No equipment needed!

Beginner Gym programmes

For those that haven't got much experience in the gym and need guidance to get to the next level. Or for those ready to start in the gym and need a programme to follow from the get go.


So How Does It Work


These programmes are carried out by yourself at the gym or in your home. Paragons programmes are unique to you and not created by a computer, your programme is designed by a qualified personal trainer (myself Tom Davies).


Your personal exercise programme along with nutrition plan, will be sent to you via email 4-5 days after you have filled the consultation form below and made your purchase. If you wish to discuss your goals prior to purchase please get in touch via email.


Your plans will be sent on a weekly basis (for fine tweaks) which I will continuously evaluate and tweak to your personal needs.


Every week you will send me a weeks food diary that you would have kept up to date throughout the week, I will evaluate this and set you targets to aim for the following week. Between these times I will be available to you for any queries via facebook, txt and/or email. 


Together we will make a great team and get you to your desired goals in no time.



Who Can Benefit From A Paragon Programme.......

  • Anyone aged from 18 or over, under 18 will need parental signatures.

  • For those wanting to train from home or in the gym.

  • Any level of fitness. 
  • For anyone that uses these common phrases, "I haven't the time for the gym", "I haven't the money for a personal trainer" , " I don't know what to eat or the right exercises to perform in the gym", "I'm to intimidated by the more experienced members".
  • For those that would like personal training without paying for one to one prices.
  • For anyone that has trouble with their diet and would like to improve it.
  • If you have reached a plateau with your current fitness plan, we can help you smash through it.
  • Someone with a lack of fitness knowledge or nutritional knowledge.
  • Anyone looking to lose weight, bulk up with lean muscle or tone.

Deep down you know there's a way to get to your goals, if, you're willing to commit. Having guidance through a weekly programme is a great weight off your shoulders and ensures that you do things right from the get go.



Check out our testimonials for some past Paragon results.

Why Choose Paragon


Here are at Paragon we want to make as many people as fit and healthy as we can. We have you at heart and want to put you on the track of a healthy lifestyle. With your determination to succeed and our fitness knowledge, we will get you to your goals as quickly as possible. 


  • Take advantage of 24/7 Contact with your trainer via email, txt or Facebook. 
  • Great value programmes tailored to your personal needs.
  • With the likes of obesity on a rise, tripling over the last 25 years, we want to give you the chance of either staying away from obesity and/or getting you out of the obesity dilemma. We are passionate about this.
  • Easy to follow exercise plans and nutrition plans with weekly progress reports.
  • Your Exercise programme is made to fit in to your busy lifestyle.
  • Your trainer, Tom Davies, is a fitness enthusiast and has a load of experience getting clients to their chosen goals. 


Cost of Your Paragon Programme Here....



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