Looking for an activity that your children can dive into and burn some energy from a young age?


Your child will learn loads of well needed fitness, self control, self discipline and kickboxing skills throughout their Minis journey. Start reading below to get your child signed up to something special! 


Over 40 badges to be earned

The students get to work towards lots of different badges such as Great Kicks, Confidence and Positive attitude just to name few. These all come in a variety of shapes and sizes all in different vibrant colours. The kids love them and work hard to achieve them and further more, it's FREE! Start by creating your free progress Minis chart. See below for an example.

Get your children self defense skills

At the Academy we get the students sparring fairly quickly. Through 'Sport Karate' style fighting, the children learn fun, but competitive fighting skills that will help them in self defense, competitions and for when they are ready for a bigger challenge in the older aged group class. 

Minis Belt Ranks

The students also get to work towards Coloured belts. These aren't the same as our adult based curriculum but give the same motivation. This gets children used to working hard towards learning new moves and practicing more difficult fitness along the way. These belts take a minimum of 3 months between each colour and aren't just given out, they're earned. This sets up the Minis to go on with a hard work/ achieving mentality and it works superbly! 

Self discipline and self control improvement

We all know we like to spoil our children over the first years of their lives and even, 'let them loose', at times. But once at this age it's well needed for the children to start getting used to some discipline in order for them to do well, understand right from wrongs and to know how to approach life at different times i.e at home, at school, at the dojo. The way of the arts makes the students understand these elements and allows them to start making the right decisions and starting to take small responsibility for their own actions.


Paragon Minis is a energetic kickboxing class for children from 4 years of age up to 6 years of age. 


The Paragon Minis programme has been designed to get young ones into fitness and to start developing the skills needed in order for them to have a healthy childhood. The programmes also get them ready for when they advance into the Paragon Junior Beginners Class.


Within the Minis classes we focus on improving the children’s basic motor skills, listening skills, team work, discipline, self control, fitness levels, kickboxing abilities and communication skills.


Not only will this help the student in-class abilities but it will help with their confidence and discipline at home, school and while being outdoors in the big wide world.


The Minis learn a high level of discipline over time by following routines and commands all while respecting the teacher as a good role model. They will learn all of the above and more, through our Minis Belt Rank system and our FREE! Merit Badge system (please see below).



BONUS!! Minis Progression and Charts




After the student has become a member they will have a virtual progression chart added to our members only pages on this website.


After every class i will update these charts accordingly showing the small progressions that the student may make and then upload them to the members only page at the end of the week for you and the student to see.


This is great for the parent to be able to keep an eye on any weakness or strengths that the student may have. Once they perform well at a particular merit, x amount of times, they will achieve a merit badge (free of charge) to sow onto their uniform.


As mentioned the Minis love these badges and they work hard over a period of time to earn them. This gives them a hard work ethic from day 1 with the incentives that the chart brings.


Example of Minis Charts. Choose any characters, choices of dojo background and colours.
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